Why Silicon Border

Where innovation meets manufacturing

If you could envision the most cutting edge, cost effective, and scalable location to grow your high technology business, what would that environment look like?

  • Asian type master planning and infrastructure efficiency?
  • Skilled labor, including university-trained engineers, at a fraction of the cost for American counterparts?
  • Truck/rail shipping proximity to any U.S. market within five days, and to Southern California in only 2-4 hours?
  • Abundant, inexpensive power and water resources?
  • One of the most ideal solar energy sites in the world, with high voltage connections to U.S. and Mexican grids to sell generated power?
  • Government incentives ranging from tax holidays and depreciations, to cash grants and reimbursements for training at a top-ranked university?
  • A safe, family-oriented area where employees want to live?

This dream location for business success is now a reality at North America’s next great high tech manufacturing site, the Silicon Border Science Park development just outside of Mexicali on the U.S./ Mexican border. Silicon Border started as a vision of former computer industry executives to combine all the best attributes of international operations they had led into one optimal site to competitively serve the vast American and Mexican markets.

After a rigorous search across North America they chose this site, in the northeast corner of Baja California and just across the border from California. Nowhere on the continent – and possibly the planet – will you find a better combination of human and physical resources required for science-driven manufacturing at a more competitive cost, with close proximity to the world’s largest high tech market in the U.S.

Silicon Border is ideally suited for various technology clusters such as:

  • Solar and wind farms for utility scale energy production and equipment/component manufacturing
  • Automotive and aerospace vehicles and components
  • Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals
  • Nano technology such as semiconductors and LCD,LED and MEM components
  • Sophisticated consumer electronics such as televisions, telecommunications and computer products

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